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Absolute Integrity Exerpts

Exerpts from James Nyondo’s book, Absolute Integrity:  The Bridge to Your Destiny

I have found that cheating on one’s spouse is tied to corruption. Men and women who cannot control their urges, but will willingly have multiple relationships, are corrupt. They lie to get what they want and their relationships thrive in an atmosphere of corruption. Every organization they lead gets compromised through corruption. A Chief Executive Officer of any major company, if he/she is married, will make sure that his/her liaisons are kept secret. Then, he must find some subordinates or associates willing to smuggle girlfriends for him to protect his “good name.” If the wife knows how much he makes or she has access to the family money, the cheating spouse will decide to establish alternative secret means of making money to support his illicit affairs. This is where embezzlement of state or company funds comes in. States whose government officials believe that they, because of their powerful positions, are entitled to have multiple partners, bring gangrene into the whole system. Such men often have no compassion. Tears of their wives and children leave them unmoved. That is why Africa and much of the world is plagued by numerous financial scandals. Such men who hurt their wives and children without any feelings of remorse, will not have remorse for anyone.
If a man or woman cannot respect his/her marriage vows, how can I trust such a man not to corrupt my establishment; let alone, how can an entire nation trust such a man to respect and honor his country’s constitution without helping himself illegally to state resources? I am fully persuaded that the most sacred document on Earth is the marriage license, and if a leader can cheat on his spouse without batting an eye, there is nothing sacred for him. He will violate the constitution he swore to uphold. For him, it will be “as long as no one knows, it is ok.” And, to hide deception of this magnitude, he will need an army of accomplices who also happen to be public servants, if he is a government official. Before you know it, the whole system is rotten to the core. Subordinates who secretly arrange these illicit relationships cannot be reprimanded by their leader. He loses all moral authority over them. Then, when he is caught, he starts weeping before the television cameras that he is sorry for having betrayed his wife, children, friends, and country! It is “betrayal” only when he is caught, but before that unfortunate incident of being found out happens, and as long as nobody knows about, it is “not betrayal.” But, there is always somebody who knows about it–God and one’s partners in depravity.
I have heard and read that the mafia will eventually kill the very person they send to hurt people on its behalf. The adage goes something like this: Anyone who will hurt people for us will eventually hurt us, therefore kill him before he hurts us. Anyone who will lie for us will eventually lie to us. Someone who will steal for us from the state or from the firm he is working for will steal from us. Someone who will bring prostitutes for us, so that we protect our “good name,” will be an agent of corruption for somebody else. Someone who will kill for you will kill you. Someone who betrays other people for you will eventually betray you. Someone who champions an immoral cause for us will champion one against us. Whoever buys you with any amount of money will also sell you and discard you when you have outlived your usefulness.
Integrity is actually a bridge that will take us to many opportunities. Every time we compromise on our integrity, we burn a bridge we could have to walk over to reach our next opportunities. The more compromises on our integrity we make, the more bridges we burn, and the more opportunities for ourselves we eliminate. A man without integrity burns the bridge over which he himself must cross to reach his destiny.